Community Engagement

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The Appell Center for the Performing Arts seeks to be a cultural hub for the community in York.

We play a vital role in the local ecosystem, collaborating with educational, civic and other cultural organizations, informal networks, and individual artists to create experiences as outlets for healthy, creative expression.

Together, we believe in connecting the arts with education, personal wellbeing and family life.

We seek to build meaningful pathways in arts, cultural and creative learning for the York community through consistent, reliable opportunities which provide

We strive to be a relationship-builder, convener and host.

Partner with Appell Center

There are many ways to join us in partnership, but here are some common starting points:

Have an idea you want to bring to the community?

We developed a tool to ensure that we are as agile and responsive to the community as possible. When the Appell Center is faced with a new opportunity or program, these questions will help guide decision-making to move forward the partnership. View our Adaptive Impact Plan at the link below.

View our Adaptive Impact Plan

Learn More about Community Engagement

In 2022, the Appell Center worked with a national research team, Creative Generation, to hold space for authentic discussion of needs, challenges and opportunities within the city of York to make sustainable change and new programming initiatives. Learn more about the entire process and findings with the full report below.

Responsive Community Engagement Final Report