Capitol Theatre

YWCA York "Girls on the Run" Program presents The Loretta Claiborne FilmĀ 

Audience: For All Audiences

Showtimes: 11/19/2017 1:00pm

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Adults: $15, Students $7; Free Admission for Members of "Girls on the Run"

Film includes a Q&A Session with Ms. Claiborne following the screening.

Ms. Claiborne, a Special Olympics athlete since 1970, is a woman of faith who shares her life story that carries a heart-felt message of acceptance, hope and tolerance for all people around the world. Born with both a physical and intellectual disability, she did not walk or talk until she was four years old. She learned to persevere in spite of her disabilities, the bullying, teasing, and anger and credits Special Olympics as her positive force that turned her life around.

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