York County Honors Choirs Season Finale Concert

Showtimes: 06/05/2022 6:30pm

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Tickets Are $24 Adult, $14 Student/Children/Alumni

Please join us for the York County Honors Choirs Season Finale Concert, celebrating our 2021-22 season of performances and music education.

It is our great privilege to honor and celebrate Junior Honors Choir Director Mrs. Donna Knott, who will be retiring from the choir in June. Donna has been an exceptional leader in shaping this unique choral opportunity for students in York County for the past 20 plus years. The organization and choir members, past and present, thank Donna for the many performance and educational opportunities she has provided for local youth in York County.

At the concert we will have the privilege to introduce an Elementary Honors Choir. Singers in grade 6, chosen from the annual York County Elementary Choral Festival participants, will have the opportunity to perform on the Strand Theatre stage. We’re delighted to invite a younger choir of talented singers to our concert and look forward to their performance.

You will be amazed at the professional quality of tonight’s performance. We thank our singers and directors for their dedication to the excellence of York County Honors Choirs. Enjoy the show!

Carlos Casilla, Senior Honors Choir Artistic Director
Kenneth Osowski, Senior Honors Choir Collaborative Pianist
Donna Knott, Junior Honors Choir Artistic Director
Vanessa Trauger, Junior Honors Choir Interim Associate Director
Carol Heagy, Junior Honors Choir Accompanist
Lark Ann Waltimyer, Junior Honors Choir Coordinator

York County Honors Choirs is comprised of two auditioned ensembles: York County Senior Honors Choir (grades 10-12), founded in 1998 to participate in York County’s 250th Anniversary Celebration and York County Junior Honors Choir (grades 7-9), developed in 2002 to provide training and opportunities for younger singers. The choirs serve as choral ambassadors of York County, presenting over 10 concerts annually. The choirs are administered by a 501c3 non-profit organization which has fostered unique relationships with school districts, private music instructors, and homeschoolers to represent all of York County. Members experience an opportunity to share their talents with others who have the same love of music, higher level of dedication, and desire for excellence.

In 23 years, 1300 students have represented YCHC, performing in St. Patrick's Cathedral, Waldorf-Astoria, United Nations, Carnegie Hall, St. John the Divine, Washington National Cathedral, Veteran's Memorial Auditorium in Providence, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, at Orioles baseball games, in Heinz Chapel, the Naval Academy Chapel, Penn State University, Washington DC, Hershey, Philadelphia, Williamsburg, and in the great cathedrals of England and France.

For further information about the choirs, please visit our website www.theYCHC.org

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