Capitol Theatre

CapFilm: The Eagle – Silent Film

Audience: Rated: G

Showtimes: 04/14/2018 4:00pm

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Tickets: $7

Organ accompaniment by: Don Kinnier

A silent film live accompanied by Don Kinnier on the historic Wurlitzer Organ. Rudolph Valentino plays a Russian soldier turned crusader who is seeking to reclaim his family’s land and possessions from a cruel aristocrat. His pursuit becomes even more challenged when he falls in love with the aristocrat’s charming daughter.

Why’d We Pick It? Valentino’s career was in the doldrums as he sought a way to break out of the ‘romantic latin lover’ roles he all too often played. “The Eagle” marked a break-through with its mix of action, comedy and yes, enough romance to sooth his longtime fans. That cinematic mix is brought to life by the Wurlitzer Organ played by the great Don Kinnier.

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