Summer Learning: Mindful Musicianship: Keep Calm and Nail That Performance

Showtimes: 07/25/2023 9:00am

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Learn from the professionals, then put those techniques in practice!

9AM – 4PM
9AM – Noon – Seminar with Jose
1PM – 4PM – Mock auditions

Price: $25
Recommended for grades 9-12

Being a musician demands both intense focus when practicing and freedom of expression when performing. Players need to be aware of physical technique but also be able to let go to reach a state of flow. Musicians must focus on individual performances while remaining aware of and in tune with their fellow musicians and audience. Since there are so many demands, its not surprising that performers may develop performance anxiety, depression, frustration and even perfectionism. Its challenging to get the music out when its stuck in our heads.

In this masterclass, participants will:

The masterclass will be led by Jose Johnson, a professional musician, author, educator, speaker, consultant, personal mastery coach, and entrepreneur. Jose is also an expert on mindfulness and peak performance techniques, and offers similar workshops across North America. He has been featured in numerous international publications for his work in the field. His goal is to give people the tools they need to change their lives by using an innovative and integrated approach that combines the yin and yang of ancient practices and modern science. He is the host of the podcast series “Trumpet Gurus Hang,” and is an endorsing artist for Vennture Mouthpieces, Warburton Musical Products, Barkley Microphones, and Robinsons Remedies.

Participants will be asked to choose a sample audition piece and bring it and their instrument to the class.

Presented in cooperation with York Symphony Orchestra.

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