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Showtimes: 10/24/2020 3:30pm

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23rd Annual Manhattan Short

Introducing the MANHATTAN SHORT Finalists of 2020

This year, the MANHATTAN SHORT received 971 entries from 54 countries and selected nine finalists. The Final Nine MANHATTAN SHORT selections hail from nine countries with films from Australia, Finland, France, Iran, Israel, North Macedonia, Russia, State of Palestine, and USA. The Final Nine screen simultaneously across the world during a one-month period, with the Best Film and Best Actor awards determined by ballots cast by the audiences in each participating venue.

The MANHATTAN SHORT Final Nine are (in order of appearance):

Safe Space (Australia), The Stick (Finland), Exam (Iran), Hey,Gray (Russia), White Eye (Israel), Sticker (North Macedonia), Two Little Boys (USA), Maestro (France), The Present (State of Palestine).

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This year’s Final Nine selections use drama, comedy and animation to address an astonishing number of themes, ranging from identity to parenthood to the seemingly universal frustration caused by the Department of Motor Vehicles no matter the country. The directorial voices are both male and female from countries large and small, often inspired by personal and sometimes harrowing, experience. This year’s Final Nine screening also is a rare instance when gripping dramas from Iran, Israel, and the State of Palestine are featured in the same program.

Due to COVID 19, MANHATTAN SHORT is extending the screening dates through the whole month of October rather than its usual seven-to-ten day period. None of the screenings will be shown “virtually” so as to support local cinemas in a time of crisis. “The films I remember best are those I saw in a cinema. Streaming the Manhattan Short Film Festival was never an option. While the number of participating cinemas is sure to be down, you have to stay true to what you do. MANHATTAN SHORT is a cinematic experience.” --Founding Director Nicholas Mason

You Be the Judge!
Which of these Final Nine short films is the best? That's up to a worldwide audience to decide. Cinema-goers across the United States and around the globe will become instant film critics as they are handed a ballot upon entry that allows them to vote for the Best Film and Best Actor. MANHATTAN SHORT is the ultimate audience award that salutes the creative talents of both directors behind the camera and actors in front of it. Votes will be sent through to MANHATTAN SHORT HQ with the winner announced at on Sunday Nov 1st.

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