Studio at The Strand

CapComedy Club: Uncle Trent, David Abdoch and host GD Fenderson

Showtimes: 06/09/2023 7:30pm

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Tickets $10 in advance, $15 day of the show

Uncle Trent
Uncle Trent is a comedian from the inner city of Rochester, NY.Constantly risking punishment, Trent would stay up late and watch comedy specials and recite the material to his middle school friends. This easily won him the unwanted title of “Class Clown”.He has always been able to make people laugh and has even drawn comparisons to the late Bernie Mac (mainly because of the size of his eyes and his voice). After trying stand up at local mics, Trent began enrolling himself into comedy competitions and struck success after winning the hometown competition “the Funniest Person in Rochester” out of 100 comedians. This success led him to performing in clubs, theaters and arenas across the United States and Canada. His comedy offers each audience member a guided tour of his mind. The journey comes with a disclaimer, “I’m not going to apologize”. As he holds your hand during this journey, he helps you understand the life of a father, his take on relationships (the good and bad) and shares with you a fragment of what goes on in his head. You won’t leave a show without taking a piece of him with you.

David Abdoch
David Abdoch is one of the strongest comedians in the Rochester area. Doubling as a fireman, Abdoch draws his material from his family, childhood, and work. A finalist for the 2016 Rochester’s Funniest Person and Who’s Got Next? champion in 2017, Abdoch has opened for Thea Vidal, Preacher Lawson and Dean Edwards. He’s sure to put a smile on your face.

GD Fenderson
GD Fenderson, “Storyteller, is a self-described “Certified Forensic Humourist.” “Certified Forensic Humourist” is not just a pretentious title that he gave himself; It’s a made-up, pretentious title that he’s earned. He uses every comedic device at his disposal to discuss mature material in an immature manner. His jokes and short stories are ripped from the headlines and his life and results in rip roaring laughter. GD's performances are: part stand-up, part one-man, one act-play, part rock concert, part news report.

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