Virtual Field Trip - Commanding Space

Virtual Field Trips are new curriculum-based programs linking social justice, multicultural heritage, and other key issues with the performing arts, and presented each year to thousands of York County students.

For ages

3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Students


  • 2/14/22 – 2/27/22
    Remote Viewing – 65 Minutes

Virtual Field Trips are brand new for 2022!

Available from 2/14/22 – 2/27/22

Free | Reservations required | Perfect for Grades 3-5

In the midst of the Civil Rights Movement, young Annie Easley knows she can be something more. In this true story of dreams, hardships, and self-determination, Annie becomes one of the first African American human computers at NASA. Initially working on airplanes, she soon realizes her destiny is to be on the team of mathematicians that launch the Centaur Rocket into the Space Race. Commanding Space is an important story about a persistent and intelligent woman whose desire to succeed in science and technology proved stronger than the prejudice that would have denied her.